onsdag 26 januari 2011

The End Is Nigh
It Has Been Foretold
I Am Waiting For It
I Am Ready
Let Fire and Brimstone
Ice and Snow
Air and Earth
Tear This World Apart
In One Last Show

I stood atop the highest building in this city of humans and stared into the dark night sky. The stars shined like the gigantic orbs of pure energy they were untouched by the hands of mankind.
The wind gently touched my cheek as it flew by, it was a chilly night like you could expect in December.
The city below me was still filled with the lights made by the human race and their everlasting wasting and trashing. 

The taxis still drove around like in a playground even tho the time was getting close to noon. 
Time... is it even real? 
The humans are such an interesting race, it is such a pity they will have to die.
I looked down on my wrist and my rolex reflected the moonlight onto my eyes. 11.43 PM.

I could hear the sound of sirens in the distance and the red and blue lights flash between the buildings.
It was to no use to chase them down, within minutes their minds will be filled with fear.

My clock beep as it turns to 11.45.
Fifteen minutes left of this glorious world.
Fifteen minutes left of the Age of humans.

Fifteen minutes left until the last show the earth will ever make start.
Fifteen minutes left until this world will fall into silence.
Fifteen minutes left...
It's only fourteen now.

I drew a deep breath and I could feel the air fill my lungs.
Air – What keeps the humans alive.
They are fragile but yet they have outlived great challenges.
An alarm goes off in an apartment beneath me and a few moments later two gunshots.
Ten minutes, the minutes before the destruction of the world you know as Earth begin.
I could see more lights in the sky as if someone lit candles.
But these lights I knew. Are not like the stars.
They leaved a burning trail as they grew bigger and bigger.

I could hear them now, the humans.
Their screams echoed between the buildings.
Five minutes.
The wind is colder now.
The hair at the back of my head rises as the wind dances around me.
The snow is in the wind.
Three minutes.
The screams is getting louder.
I can see the humans running down there.
Like ants running for shelter in the ant hill.
Two minutes.
Helicopters arrive.
They carry men of the military, trying to calm the chaos.
It is of no use.
One minute.
The fire in the sky burns to bright. To not be noticed.
The white winds are to cold. To not be noticed.
The quakes of the earth to heavy. To not be noticed.
And as my alarm goes off.
As my watch turn to 00.00.
The most spectacular show of all time starts.
Meteors fall from the sky. Crushing and melting all in their way.
Icicles carried by the winds. Piercing and freezing everything it touches.
Stalagmites from the earth. Crushing and breaking everyone it reaches.

I bid you farewell.

Skriven av Jimmy Gustafsson.
Väldigt, väldigt fint skrivet.


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