onsdag 8 maj 2013

hair & makeup for wedding/prom

hair & makeup

Förra veckan onsdag gjorde jag min kompis Nathalie's hår och smink. Testade lite vad som skulle kunna passa henne, då hon ska på hennes brors bröllop i juni. hair & makeup hair & makeup

Fyllde i ögonbrynen med brun ögonskugga, vit kajal under ögat, lösögonfransar, catliner och lite glittrig liner i yttre ögonvrån. Sådant som Nathalie inte är van vid. hair & makeup hair & makeup

Sen fick jag lust att testa hur hon såg ut i rött läppstift, då hon aldrig testat det. Söt blev hon tyckte jag! hair & makeup

Min klänning hade hon på sig. hair & makeup

Sedan provade hon klänningen hon ska ha på bröllopet. Snacka om prinsessbakelese. hair & makeup hair & makeup hair & makeup

Vi hittade ett halsband hon kunde ha håret som en slags tiara, perfekt ju! hair & makeup

Jag kommer inte närvara vid hennes brors bröllop, så hon får försöka fixa håret plus smink själv. Får se hur det går sen... :)

I did my friend Nathalie's hair and makeup for her brother's wedding in June. We tried different things, what could work on her. False lashes and white eyeliner in the inner corner was something new for her. So was red lipstick. She looked like a pin-up-model, so she got to try my dress on. Later she tried her own dress on, for the wedding. Doesn't it look like a princess-cake? I'll not be there for the wedding, so let's see how it goes when Nathalie does her own makeup and hair... :)

lördag 4 maj 2013

Blondie 2.0

ddd cfbhjn dd blo

Förresten så är jag helt blond ock korthårig nu.

feeling tired or just awkward

When things doesn't go as planned and it makes you so tired. All these little things that goes wrong, in the end they make you tired.
But someone says "You don't do much, you shouldn't be tired." Yes, I know.
Or when you feel a little bit down/low self-esteem and someone says "You have this and you got that, you should be happy." Yes, I know.
Oh, I'm feeling automatically happy again.
Not really.
Just because I should be happy, it doesn't make me happy. It makes me feel worse. I have no right to feel down. Feeling guilty, when there's other people out there having it alot worse.
Maybe I am tired because I don't do much, that's the reason. I want to do much, I want my plans to work. A while back I fighted for it, thought "if I fight hard enough, it will happen". But no, it doesn't. Along the way, I accepted life. I accepted that life doesn't work out as you planned it to do. Some things are impossible to change/affect.
Did I stop fighting for good? Do I just accept things because I'm too tired to care?
I don't know.
I just know that when I tell you that I'm not that happy/feeling tired, I don't wanna hear how I should feel. I just want to hear that it is okay to feel down and it is getting better soon, but in meanwhile you're getting me a hug and an ice cream.