torsdag 31 maj 2012

love is a crime.

I dreamed about Benedict Cumberbatch. That he one day knocked on my door. But I couldn’t open, I hid behind my door and said to my brother to open.
I heard Benedict’s deep voice ask him: “Hi, is Isabella home?” My brother checked if I was in my room and asked me why I hid behind the door. I answered: “He can’t see me like this! I’m only wearing a bath robe!”
But the real reason was, before he knocked on my door, I saw him outside my window… holding a gun. Not a small one. A big gun.
When he left my home I saw him outside the window and when our eyes met, I knew I had to run for my life.
Benedict Cumberbatch was trying to kill me. Benedict. Cumberbatch. Saw. Me. In. A. Bath. Robe. 
Oh why, Ben? Why? Is it really a crime to love you too much?

THIS man tried to kill me. What an honour!

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